who we are

Envisaging better reach to the Unreached of the social work interventions of the Vincentians in India and abroad Vincentian Service Society Marymatha Province has been established .This centre focuses on coordination and networking of social and charitable societies registered by the Vincentian in India. It attempts to realize the mission of the Vincentian 'good news to the poor' by undertaking social and charitable initiatives catering the needs of the poor, Vulnerable and marginalized of the society.Vincentian Service Society Marymatha Province undertakes various social intervention projects and seeks support of various funding partners, well wishers, built on credibility on action than proclamation. The centre believes in empowerment of the people through capacity building or achieving entitlements and endowments facilated by research and development.

Educational Services

De Pau Educational Assistance Programmes is moved by moto "Let child go to school and poverty can never restrict the access to quality education” and supported by children and adult alike to educate students. Academically excellent but financially backward students are provided scholarships to continue their education and earn their living

Community Development

Community Development : development initiatives like awareness generation, health education, medical camps, observation of the days,community development initiatives

Institutional Care

Institutional Care Extending a helping hand to the Unwanted Institutional care provides the poor with a place to foster the opportunities and live a life to the maximum. Our institutions deliver strategic interventions aiming at assisting maladapted persons of society to be adjusted and become socially functioning abled persons of the society.